Partition: The Invisible Line

Explore the invisible effect of India's partition - the largest mass human displacement in human history- as manifested in lost stories and art.

Guneeta Singh Bhalla

Guneet Bhalla

Guneeta Singh Bhalla is founder of The 1947 Partition Archive.  Previously, she was an experimental condensed matter physicist who completed her tenure as a post-doctoral researcher at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the Department of Physics at the University of California at Berkeley.

After a 2008 visit to the oral testimony archives at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial she was inspired and began interviewing Partition witnesses in 2009.  It was a deeply enriching experience and she wanted to share it with everyone.  She was also troubled with the realization that the generation of eye witnesses was nearly gone and taking their stories with them. This led to the concept of crowdsourcing oral histories of Partition, thereby engaging the public in recording the people’s history of the world’s largest mass human displacement.  She gathered a team and began recording oral histories in 2010. In 2011 The 1947 Partition Archive was born.  She has personally interviewed over 100 of the 5,300 Partition witnesses interviewed by The 1947 Partition Archive, rallied volunteers from all walks of life and built the grassroots foundations of the largest repository on Partition witness accounts.  In 1947 her father’s family migrated from Lahore to Amritsar on August 14.

Dr. Dalvir Pannu

Dr. Dalvir Pannu

Dr. Dalvir Singh Pannu is an award-winning dentist and founder of Pannu Dental Group which has multiple locations in Bay Area, California. He was inspired to research and write the book Sikh Heritage: Beyond the Borders by his long-standing passion for unearthing the narratives of Sikh historical and religious places displaced during the India–Pakistan partition of 1947. Today, these monuments stand out as the symbols of peaceful and harmonious past lives of people sharing a heritage whose affinities go beyond physical borders and territories. 

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